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About RV Inspector Tim Schaeffer

— NRVIA Certified RV Inspector 3236 —
RVTAA Registered RV Technician 1003

Certified RV Inspector Tim Schaeffer

Professional Background

Tim has been in the inspection industry for over several years and has performed an average of 2-3 inspections a week. He has both the knowledge, expertise, and experience to do the job and do it right.

Tim Schaeffer has accumulated many hard-won lessons during his career. Before becoming a certified RV inspector, Tim worked through hundreds of transactions with commercial trucks and vans Nationwide; sourcing, evaluating, buying, reconditioning, marketing, selling, and ultimately delivering the completed vehicle to the satisfied end-user; think cranes, dump trucks, garbage trucks, boom trucks, emergency response vehicles, and other vehicles of that sort. This was all well-earned experience and ultimately led Tim to become a Certified RV Inspector.

RV Inspector Qualifications

Tim is both a Registered RV Technician in Good Standing with the RV Technician Association of America (RVTAA) and a Certified RV Inspector in Good Standing with the NRVIA
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Certified National RV Training Academy NRVTA

Dynamic Duo

Over the past 20 years, my lady and I have accumulated a trove of invaluable experience through many channels. We have owned, managed, and maintained rental properties, so we know exactly what to look for when identifying issues. We can properly identify problems before they turn into a much larger emergency. By diagnosing what’s wrong and repairing or replacing the affected components, we have prevented many disasters. These skills and knowledge transfer directly to RV inspection and service, which has allowed us to excel and provide top-notch service.

RV Inspector Parked RV motorhome at night under the stars

Personal-life and Hobbies

We’re Part-Timers, we still have Sticks and Bricks. We winter in Phoenix, it’s a great place to be, 7–8 months of the year. However, once it gets to be that “but it’s A Dry Heat” time of year, we typically head North, for a week, to Durango, CO, or Flathead Lake, MT, or Stanley, ID. Like most in the RV community, we enjoy hiking, camping, and fishing much and often. We love the lifestyle and the freedom it provides.

Area of Operation

Blue Ribbon RV Inspection and Service operates all over the state of Arizona, a trip charge and/or lodging fee may apply outside of the Phoenix Metro area

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