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RVing is an affordable and fun way to travel with your family; however, it requires preparation and organization to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. Here are a few tips for RVing with children so your next excursion is easy and relaxing for everyone.

Have Entertainment on Board When RVing with Children

When traveling in an RV, it’s important to keep kids – and adults – entertained during long drives. Stock up on books, coloring books, and activity kits, or download educational apps for phones and tablets. Have a selection of movies to watch when you arrive at your destination (or even during the ride), set aside some time to play a board game, and make sure there are plenty of snacks available.

Create Designated Spaces for Everyone

To keep the peace inside the RV, designate an area for each child. Whether it’s their bed or a small corner where their items are stored, a designated space for each child will help your family keep things organized and allow everyone their own space.

Assign Tasks to Children on Long Trips

When planning a long trip, give each child responsibilities for the journey. They can prepare meals and snacks for the drive and map out stops along the way. This will help to keep them engaged, teach them important organizational skills, and help them feel involved in the vacation. If a child is invested in making the trip successful, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and success.

Stay Flexible with Schedules and Activities

Stay flexible when planning activities and making schedules. Kids’ interests may change quickly, or they may have a sudden burst of energy that will require changing plans. Give children input in what activities they do each day, depending on the options available.

Keep a Travel Journal When RVing with Children

Keeping a travel journal is a great way to document your trip and help kids remember their experiences. Have them record what they see and do during the vacation by writing or drawing pictures. A journal will become a memento of the trip.

RVing with Children: Create a Playlist for the Road

Music is a great way to stay entertained on long trips, so let everyone get involved by creating a playlist of songs. The music will help keep everyone in good spirits during the drive, and it’s a great way to have fun and share music as a family.

Pack Essentials for Emergencies

Although the likelihood of an emergency is low, it’s smart to be prepared. Pack essentials for any emergency situation, including extra food and water, clothing and blankets, first-aid supplies, and a flashlight. Keep an emergency contact list handy to reach out to family or friends in case something goes wrong.

By following these tips for RVing with children, you’ll make your next trip enjoyable for everyone involved. Planning ahead and staying organized will make all the difference in a successful journey with the family.

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